Company Background

Created to build quality consumer products on a foundation of solid science, BioZone Laboratories has operated for over 30 years as a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of over-the-counter preparations, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements. We have earned a reputation for formulating unique products while integrating proprietary technologies to enhance efficacy.

Our standards are high – As a pharma-centric company, we understand the regulatory, analytical, and technical support necessary to produce excellent products. And we proudly choose to apply those defined pharmaceutical standards to our entire diverse product portfolio. We’ve developed hundreds of products and sold millions of units working with industry giants and start-up businesses alike. The only thing that never changes: our commitment to our mission.

At Our Core

We Are Versatile…Decades of working on diverse projects with customers across industries has given us proven confidence in our capabilities. We know how to formulate and manufacture many product formats for your business sector. And our in-house research and innovation only maximizes what we offer our partners.

Dosage Forms

Drops, sprays, syrups, suspensions, liquids, sublinguals, creams, lotions, gels, oils, ointments, serums, masques, scrubs, concentrates, extracts, toners, and more…. Check out our Creative Concepts division for liquid, powder, gel, concentrate, extract, and RTD beverage, food, and nutrition expertise.


OTC Drug, Medical Food, Dietary Supplement, Personal Care, Skin Care, Cosmeceuticals, Hair Care, E-Liquid, Functional Foods and Beverages, Sports Nutrition.


Proprietary BioZone QuSome®, SoluXome™, LipoSpray®, Inflacin™, Hypersorb™ patented, trademarked, scalable breakthroughs for solubility, encapsulation, permeation, penetration, absorption, anti-inflammatory, and effective, differentiated results.

Creating Chemistry

In a Team-Oriented venture, superior service is a key ingredient for success. Customer-centered, reliable, dependable, on-time, experienced, proactive, thorough, solutions-oriented… and those are just a few comments from our customers! Let us show you how Chemistry in all forms is an integral part of our equation for success.

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