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Efficacy: Science at Work. BioZone Labs continues to uncover better ways to deliver therapeutic benefits. Merging expertise and creativity, we’ve developed clinically-proven technologies with remarkable results. Greater skin permeation, reduced skin irritation, and improved ingredient efficacy are only a few of our outcomes.

BioZone’s actives delivery platforms are safe, easily scalable, patented, and trademarked as applicable for topical/ingestible use. Propel your business with superior benefits and product differentiation versus competition.

Science, Applied is more than just a tagline at BioZone Laboratories.


Revolutionary Ingredient Delivery

QuSomes (“Quick Liposomes”) are non-phospholipid, self-forming liposomes that encapsulate active ingredients, rendering them hydrophobic with enhanced membrane penetration. The result: enhanced solubility and efficacy of topically-applied ingredients.

Our patented lipid-based delivery system can be used in oral, injectable, and topically-administered therapies to boost outcomes in OTC pharma, cosmetic, skin and personal care products, dietary supplements, and other applications.

“Next Generation QuSome”

SoluXome patented, premium, liposome-based delivery system transports substances into deep layers of the skin for maximum efficacy and quicker results. Superior permeation, better ‘skin feel’, and enhanced ingredient effectiveness are only some of the many benefits derived from the increased rate of nutrient absorption.

SoluXomes are produced in an environmentally-friendly process that reduces manufacturing and finished product costs, increasing your profit margins.

SoluXomes can be used in many applications. Contact us today to learn how BioZone SoluXomes can take your products to the next level!


Enhanced Absorption

LipoSpray brings revolutionary liposome delivery technology to sublingual spray products. Applied under the tongue, liposome-encapsulated active ingredients penetrate the mouth’s mucosal tissue, are absorbed into the bloodstream, and circulate throughout the body in minutes for quicker, better results.

Our LipoSpray system allows the conversion of conventional pills, tablets, and liquids into sublingual sprays, enhancing Tmax, Cpmax, and overall bioavailability vs. conventional solid dosage forms travelling through the digestive tract.

Inflammation Relief

Inflacin technology prevents skin inflammation, irritation, and redness through PLA2 enzyme activity suppression. Our non-steroidal analgesic compound is a game-changer for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, with proven efficacy in musculoskeletal and joint disorders, ophthalmic and skin conditions, and more. Particularly helpful for sensitive skin, Inflacin is increasingly sought for its impact in anti-aging products.

Inflacin contains BioZone’s SoluXome technology, enhancing delivery and product performance.

Protective Oral Delivery

Our Hypersorb delivery system is truly a milestone in oral pharmaceutics: Active ingredients are incorporated into a self-emulsifying liquid complex, then enrobed into capsule form. Suitable for soft gelatin and 2-piece hard-shell capsules, this platform enhances the absorption of oral vitamins and nutritional ingredients, and helps protect actives in the stomach environs. Ideally suited for drug with poor bioavailability and injectable/inhalant products, Hypersorb is safe, effective, flexible, and easy to scale and produce.

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