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Company History

BioZone Laboratories, Inc., formed in 1987 by Dr. Brian Keller, has operated since inception as a developer, manufacturer and marketer of over-the-counter drugs and preparations, cosmetics and nutritional supplements. BioZone has developed hundreds of products throughout its history and sold millions of units. The company's strong customer base is made up of large, well-known industry leaders.

Company Values

At BioZone, we value above all else, integrity, teamwork, mutual respect, initiative and professionalism. These values lead us to the production of high quality products, delivery of superior customer support, individual growth and corporate profitability.

Major Products

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Cosmetic and Personal Care Products - Creams, lotions, gels, ointments, cleansers, toners, masks, eye treatments, lip treatments, moisturizers, sun protection, acne products

Nasal and Ear Products – Drops, sprays, liquids, lotions, gels

Dietary Supplements – Liquids, suspensions, syrups, solutions, gels

Patented Technologies - QuSomes®

In the mid-1990s, BioZone initiated an aggressive research and development program in conjunction with the late Dr. Danilo Lasic, then the world's leading authority on liposomes. Medical science had long recognized the potential of liposome molecules as a vehicle to deliver encapsulated drugs. BioZone, over a five-year period, discovered a self-forming liposome, trademarked QuSomes, which enhances the solubility and efficacy of topically applied ingredients. QuSomes are innovative, non-phospholipid liposomes suitable for cosmetic and drug formulation. The QuSome technology enhances skin permeation, reduces skin irritation and improves ingredient efficacy. This safe and easily scalable delivery system is used for numerous cosmetic and drug products manufactured by BioZone. QuSomes will differentiate your product from its competition and support increased profit margins.