From Concept to Shelf

Integrated Process Chart

Custom Formulation

BioZone’s core competency is our ability to custom formulate creams, lotions, ointments and liquids. We understand and thoroughly evaluate the intricacies of every formulation project in detail to meet project objectives and maximize customer satisfaction. Our in-house laboratory, dedicated formulation scientists and quality control and assurance professionals allow us to control the formulation process and foresee and proactively resolve issues and problems.

BioZone’s R&D department understands that our customers depend on elegant, stable formulas to attract and maintain market share. We have been developing and formulating cutting edge products for over 25 years. Our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory is fully equipped and staffed with seasoned formulation scientists who are dedicated to keeping pace with current industry trends, acquiring new knowledge and know-how and improving upon existing techniques and formulations. Our custom formulation expertise allows us to progress from concept to shelf in an efficient, economical way.


Our formulation scientists work seamlessly with our manufacturing personnel to accurately reproduce products on a small commercial scale. From there, our experienced manufacturing staff produces commercial quantities in batches of up to 1500 gallons (6,000 Kilos) based on customer specifications. Our quality control professionals monitor each step of the process, ensuring GMP compliance.


BioZone’s nine stainless steel (316) mixing tanks, with a variety of mixing configurations, are capable of producing batch sizes from 50 gallons to 1500 gallons in increments of 100 gallons. The weighing function is conducted in dedicated suites to avoid cross contamination. Our process water is specified and maintained as USP, purified water. Quality control professionals perform cleaning validation on the tanks for all products.


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We maintain six production lines in our 60,000 sq ft, cGMP compliant, packaging and warehouse facility, capable of filling 163,000 units per day in tubes, jars and bottles in various sizes of container and cap configurations. Labels are stored in a dedicated, secure room and delivered to production personnel as needed to avoid mislabeling. BioZone’s expertise in shrink wrapping, sleeving, unit and outer cartoning and palletizing allows us to provide full packaging services to our customers.


At BioZone, our dedication to quality travels through each step in our integrated process. We maintain a staff of experienced quality control and assurance professionals who: