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QuSomes are new, revolutionary, non-phospholipid liposomes suitable for cosmetic and drug formulation that render conventional liposomes obsolete. QuSomes - a contraction for Quick Liposomes - are made from a newly discovered lipid that forms thermodynamically stable liposomes spontaneously. The novel lipid and QuSomes were discovered by our founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Brian Keller, in collaboration with Dr. Dan Danilo Lasic following several years of research. QuSomes encapsulate the active ingredients, thereby rendering them hydrophobic molecules and enhancing their membrane penetration capabilities. The QuSome encapsulated ingredients improve skin permeation, reduce ingredient irritation and enhance ingredient efficacy as compared to such ingredients alone.

QuSomes are produced in a simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly aqueous process. Conventional liposomal systems require the use of expensive process equipment, complex manufacturing steps and environmentally toxic organic solvents. The QuSome manufacturing process, which is easily scalable, reduces manufacturing and finished product costs.

This patented, robust delivery system is used for a variety of applications from cosmetic dermatology to oral solutions to improve therapeutic outcomes.


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BioZone has applied its liposome know-how to sublingual spray products to develop a new patented delivery technology, trademarked LipoSpray, which enhances the absorption of active ingredients when sprayed into the mouth under the tongue. The liposome encapsulated active ingredients penetrate the mucosal tissue of the mouth, are absorbed into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body in minutes. This method of delivery can be used to convert conventional pills, tablets, and liquids into sublingual sprays, thereby enhancing Tmax and Cpmax and overall bioavailability, resulting in enhanced therapeutic outcomes as compared to conventional solid dosage forms that travel through the digestive tract.

Liposomes have been known within the scientific community for decades as effective carriers of biologically active ingredients used to target specific sites of action. BioZone’s unique and versatile QuSomes and LipoSpray delivery systems are next generation liposomes that can be used for a variety of applications in OTC drug products, cosmetic skin and personal care products and dietary supplements.