Over-the-Counter Drug Manufacturing Capabilities

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At BioZone, we pride ourselves on our outstanding record of quality, innovation, manufacturing expertise and customer service. These are the cornerstones of a superior OTC drug contract manufacturing company.

BioZone’s emphasis on quality control and FDA regulatory compliance will help ensure the safety and efficacy of your OTC drug products. We maintain a staff of experienced quality control and assurance professionals who monitor each step of the process to ensure GMP compliance. They perform the following:

BioZone's custom formulation department will apply the latest technologies, including our patented QuSome® and LipoSpray® technologies, to provide your therapeutic cream, lotion, liquid or gel OTC product with improved efficacy and marketing advantages.

Our OTC Drug manufacturing areas of expertise include the following:

Oral, Topical and Nasal OTC Drugs

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Liquid Dietary Supplements

Our dietary supplement manufacturing areas of expertise include the following: